We clean commercial businesses all over London. 

From shop fronts, to buildings, we clean them all.


As a business owner, you are going to be concerned with the appearance of your premises. 

You want someone who will be clean, quick, and conscientious. 

You want to ensure your customers or employees that enter and leave the premises that there is 

no stress or hassle caused by a cleaner who is moody, stubborn or rude!


Our cleaners are nothing like that.


We understand the impact a bad experience can have on your business, and we are flexible to 

accommodate your needs.

A smile, an apology, or even a simple 'Hello' can make your customers or employees feel more 

at ease until we finish our job. If fact, we are regularly complemented on this aspect.


So ensure you have someone that makes your business their business!


Our window cleaning services include:


  • Free-Cleaning - Cleaning the windows without the need for additional access tools.

  • Reach and Wash window cleaning up to 80 feet.

  • Specialisation in using extendible poles up to 30 feet

  • Ladder work


And of course, our cleaners are fully insured!


If you are interested and require a quote, please fill in the form found under 

the 'Book a Cleaner' section found at the top of the page.


All quotes are job specific. If we are unable to provide you with a quote from the 

information you have provided, we will need to see the site.