Our domestic clients are assured, safe and impressed with our level of care and efficiency. 


As a home owner, you want someone you feel comfortable with. Someone you know will respect your home 

and take care as they go about their job.


The last thing you want is to have someone you have just met enter your home if you feel otherwise!


You can trust us.


We are trusted by many people in the communities we serve in to offer them a continuously 

friendly and professional service.


Our honest and good natured team are preferred among those cautious about having to be alone 

with another person in the house. We are at times fully trusted to conduct our cleaning alone in the 

house unsupervised and without any anxiety or worry ever crossing the mind of our clients.


Our window cleaning services include:


  • Free-Cleaning - Cleaning the windows without the need for addition access tools.

  • Reach and Wash window cleaning up to 80 feet.

  • Specialisation in using extendible poles up to 30 feet.

  • Ladder work.


And of course, our cleaners are fully insured!


But please, even if you do not end up using our services, ensure you have checked the following

 before allowing someone in your home!:


  1. Are they insured? If they seem hesitant, it could mean they are not. 

    Which in turn could mean they are not a fully fledged window cleaner.

     Demand that you see some papers if you feel wary.

  2. Have they worked for one of your neighbours? If so and if you feel it necessary, ask who 

    they cleaned and then ask that neighbour what they thought of the cleaner.

  3. DO NOT give them money before they have done the job, not under any circumstances!


We hope that will help.


If you are interested and require a quote, please fill in the form found under 

the 'Book a Cleaner' section found at the top of the page.


All quotes are job specific. If we are unable to provide you with a quote from the information 

you have provided, we will need to see the site.